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19-Jul-2017 01:28

Ishqbaaz 30th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Dadi says Billu will make the dish which Anika says, Anika will make the dish Billu says, both will eat the dish and say whose food is better. Shakti says fine, but colors, themes and decorations, everything will be of my daughter’s choice.

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Om says none said jagrata is happenings, its marriage. Gauri says I know about colors too, I made Lord’s clothes and idols.

Shivaye says Gauri, I know you don’t want to go with Om, but I can’t send him alone. She says say straight, you are dying to talk to her. Dadi asks Om to get Ishtdev idol safely, its very valuable for Oberois. Om asks why will we stay, there is marriage in house, we will get idol. He looks at her and thinks no way, why shall I talk.

Om says I m not dying, but route is long, it will look strange. He says its pepper spray, that route is unsafe, you can use this, spray in person’s eyes. He says not now, use it when needed, close it, very imp, don’t play with it. Om asks what do you mean by have fun, I m going to get idol, not on picnic. Gauri says yes, I will hear bhajan, when it ends, I will play Satsang cd. Gauri asks love songs, fine, I will hear Radha Krishna bhajan, Aisi lagi…. Shivaye says you don’t need to come back soon, you can stay for one day if you want. He says Dadi, I recalled something, we have a tradition, three challenges one. He thinks Anika was right, she is giving me attitude, I have to start a talk.

Rudra says I realized I have work, go Om, live your life. Dadi says go today itself, marriage rasams will start once idol is placed.

Shivaye says then leave now, will you drive at night. Shivaye says no, not that way, I have some, Khanna will help. Gauri asks how did you get my Shankar ji in between, I have to go now.